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Welcome to the NEW CDA Resources and Tutorials

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The CDA tutorials are intended to provided you with the guidance and information that you will need to successfully complete the whole CDA process. The tutorials are separate from the training, an additional service that has been added on to support your progress in the CDA Credential process. The tutorials are not part of the 120 hours of training. The user name and password that you have been provided with for the CDA training will also work to access the tutorials.

Here is how you can utilize the tutorials:

Option 1:

Click on the "Start CDA Tutorials" button and follow the instructions through the tutorials, completing the training components as indicated in the tutorials. This is the recommended way to use the tutorials and complete the CDA process.

Option 2:

Dive right into completing the 120 hours of training and just use the tutorials menu to find the information or resources that you need to complete the steps in the CDA process. This option is only suggested if you are familiar with the CDA process, have a CDA advisor, or have support at work helping you through the CDA process.

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