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STARS Training Requirements


20 Hour Basic for Centers and Family
The STARS 20-hour basic training requirement must be met within six months of being licensed or hired in a licensed child care program. Child care programs can choose to enforce further regulations according to program policy. For example, some centers may require that the 20 Hour Basic is complete prior to employment, or within 30 days. The 20 Hour Basic certificate does not expire. It is only necessary to complete the course one time. Each calendar year after initially completing the 20 Hour Basic, child care professionals are required to complete 10 hours of STARS continuing education.

STARS 20 Hour Basic
Mixed-age *
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Online 20 Hour Basic   Tuition: $110
Online with HIV/AIDS & Blooborne  Tuition $135
Correspondence 20 Hour Basic   Tuition: $150
Onsite 20 Hour Basic   Tuition: $150


Annual STARS Continuing Education Training

DEL MERIT STARSWashington STARS Continuing Education
All child care professionals are required to complete 10 hours of STARS continuing education training every year.

A center director and program supervisor must have five of the ten hours in program management and administration for the first two years in their respective positions. Each additional year, three of the ten hours required must be in program management and administration. There are many changes coming to licensed child care in Washington State. If you are interested in more information, click the following link to read The Recommendations from the Professional Development Consortium.

STARS for Washington Child Care Professionals Over 300 hours of courses to choose from!
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In-Service STARS Online 
Time to Sign with Children  
Directors STARS Training Online
Child Care Administration Online
Learning Zone Nutrition Education Online
Washington Core Competencies Online
Annual STARS Correspondence Courses  
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