About Us
Washington DEL MERIT Approved STARS Training!


Successful Solutions Training in Child Development is a STARS (DEL MERIT) registered training organization. We offer STARS training in partnership with Claudette Lindquist, an advanced level STARS approved trainer. Certificates are customized with Washington STARS core competencies.


Our trainers are experienced Washington state child care professionals, and we are here to provide you with the best student support available online!


For additional information on Washington STARS or to obtain a STARS ID, contact the Washington Department of Early Learning (DEL MERIT) 1.866.482.4325 and choose option 8 * email: merit@del.wa.gov * website: https://apps.del.wa.gov/MERIT


Successful Solutions Training in Child Development is a subsidiary of Successful Solutions Professional Development LLC.

Where We Began


Many years before public policy started recognizing the importance of educational practice in child care in child care, our philosophy was established; young minds and bodies grow and learn best through individualized care. Our team leaders have worked diligently for over 20 years to model unconditional acceptance and logical guidance techniques.


Over the years, we have provided educational services in numerous arenas, including home education, national conference, staff training, and independent advising services. In 2006, the Successful Solutions online education system was launched.

Where We Are Now


Successful Solutions Professional Development offers respected high quality education at reasonable prices. We are a leading online training organization, offering the most comprehensive student support available in a web based learning environment. Our online education has recently expanded to include opportunities for adult high school students, business professionals, college students, homeschooling youth and nannies. We continue to educate child care center directors, staff, preschool teachers, and family child care providers across the nation.

Our Team


Education Supervisor: Genie Skinner

Advanced STARS Educator and CDA Advisor: Claudette Lindquist

Student Enrollment Administrative Assistant: Jennifer Iverson

Student Support: Charlotte Paterson

Student Support: Anneliese Lenzo

Merit Records: Melissa Iverson

Student Accounts: Alison Moran

Contract Trainer: Lisa Sandige

CEU Curriculum Technical Support: Smart Horizons 1-800-261-6248

Career Online High School: Student Support Staff 1-855-777-4263


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