STARS CertificateCertificates are prepared every day and sent by email.


In most cases you should receive your certificate the same day. However, it should never be more than 3 days.   


Certificates are prepared through out the day, 7 days a week. That means that if you complete one course today, you will receive a certificate for the one course TODAY. If you complete 5 courses today, you will receive one certificate with all 5 courses.


You can expect that you should receive your certificate the same day that you complete the course if the evaluation form is submitted before 4 pm.  However, because occasionally there are extenuating circumstances (power/internet outage, illness/accident, or an extreme high volume of completed courses) we like you to be aware that it could be 3 days. However, the turn around time to receive certificates should never be more than 3 days.

I honestly cannot say that I have not known of it being any more that 24 hours for a certificate to be prepared and emailed to a student when the evaluation form was submitted.  If you have not received your certificate, then scroll down and read the information below....there is a good chance that the reason is one of the three things listed.


Certificates are prepared daily and sent by email.  


Optional: Order a Mailed Copy of Your Certificate ~ Processing Fee $15 (US Postal Mail)


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It has been more than 3 days, I haven't received my certificate. What's up?  


If you do not receive your certificate by email within 3 days, please  contact us promptly.

For best service, we appreciate knowing right away if you do not receive your certificate. It can be problematic when we are not notified until several months or a year later.  


1. The most common reason for not receiving your certificate is if your email program routed our email into the spam or junk mail folder. Because the certificate comes as an attachment to an email, occasionally the email program will even deny delivery of the email all together, depending on your security settings. Some email systems will delete junk mail after 7 days, depending on the settings in your email. Please check your email (including the spam folder) for the certificate within 1 day after submitting the evaluation form.


2. The second common reason for a missing certificate is if the student failed to complete a training evaluation form once the course was complete. Washington STARS Continuing Education courses and the 20 Hour Basic direct the student to an evaluation form immediately upon completion of the course. The In-Service courses require that the student return to the main menu of the training platform and click on the link for the evaluation form.

 If you do not submit an evaluation form, we will NOT email a certificate to you and your training will not be recorded as complete.


3. Also, remember that we are dealing with computerized systems which are not always fail proof, though it is not common, it is possible that an error could occur while submitting the evaluation form. If you receive an error message, your evaluation form did not submit properly and we will not be notified that you have completed the course. Please resubmit the evaluation form or contact us.