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Successful Solutions Professional Development LLC
Providing training opportunities since 1996.
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Business Education


Business Management

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Enroll in Washington STARSTuition: $250.00

Annual Subscription 
Total Items: 54
Total Time: 59 hour(s)

This course is not awarded CEU's





Our Business Management training includes the Business Ethics, Communicating With Power, Fundamentals of Business Management, Innovation in the Workplace, Management Skills Introduction, Managing Change, Motivation, Motivation Methods and Strategies, Project Management from a People Perspective, Coaching/Leadership/Leading Teams, and the Sales and Marketing series.

Audience: This online training series is for anyone who wants to improve his or her business management skills.

Customer Service Training Description



54 Items in the Business Management Training Package:

Module 1: Business Ethics

1. Business Ethics: What You Don't Know Can Hurt You

2. Business Ethics: Everyday Ethical Dilemmas

3. Business Ethics: Ethical Dilemmas and the Law

4. Business Ethics: Individual Values; Organizational Values


Module 2:  Communicating with Power

5. Communication with Power: Active Listening

6. Communication with Power: Resolving Conflict

7. Communication with Power: Negotiation


Module 3: Fundamentals of Business Management

8. Fundamentals of Business Management: Management in Perspective

9. Fundamentals of Business Management: Functions of Front-Line Management  


Module 4:  Innovation in the Workplace

10. Innovation in the Workplace: Defining Innovation and Determining Your Point of View

11. Innovation in the Workplace: Identifying the Enemies of Ideas and Innovation

12. Innovation in the Workplace: Asking Questions

13. Innovation in the Workplace: Harnessing Energy

14. Innovation in the Workplace: Creating Ideas

15. Innovation in the Workplace: Measuring Success


Module 5:  Management Skills Introduction

16. Management Skills Introduction: Ready! Set! Manage!

17. Management Skills Introduction: Motivating

18. Management Skills Introduction: Planning

19. Management Skills Introduction: Communication

20. Management Skills Introduction: Getting Input

21. Management Skills Introduction: Dealing with Challenging People and Times

22. Management Skills Introduction: Building Success


Module 6:  Managing Change

23. Managing Change: Refocusing Yourself

24. Managing Change: Leading the Team

25. Managing Change: Working with Individuals


Module 7:  Motivation

26. Motivation: Leading with a Vision

27. Motivation: Communicating

28. Motivation: Rewarding and Correcting

29. Motivation: Performance and Training

30. Motivation: Building Trust


Module 8:  Motivation Methods and Strategies

31. Motivation Methods and Strategies: Leading for Commitment


Video Series 1:  Coaching

32. Coaching (Videos) - Performance Coaching: Career Coaching

33. Coaching (Videos) - Performance Coaching: Collaborating

34. Coaching (Videos) - Performance Coaching: Mentoring

35. Coaching (Videos) - Performance Coaching: Training


Video Series 2:  Leadership

36. Leadership (Videos) - Creating and Communicating Vision

37. Leadership (Videos) - Creating Organizations with Many Leaders (Interview)

38. Leadership (Videos) - Strategic Planning: Strategic Alignment

39. Leadership (Videos) - Strategic Planning: Implement Initiatives

40. Leadership (Videos) - Strategic Planning: Establish Processes

41. Leadership (Videos) - Strategic Planning: Supporting Innovations (Interview)


Video Series 3:  Leading Teams

42. Leading Teams (Videos) - Creating Successful Teams (Interview)

43. Leading Teams (Videos) - Developing Successful Teams

44. Leading Teams (Videos) - Successful Geo-Dispersed Teams (Interview)

45. Leading Teams (Videos) - Team Learning (Interview)

46. Leading Teams (Videos) - The Influence Edge and Your Team

47. Leading Teams (Videos) - Virtual Teams

48. Leading Teams (Videos) - Working Wounded: Teams at Work


Video Series 4:  Sales and Marketing


49. Sales and Marketing (Videos) - E-Mail Marketing (Interview)

50. Sales and Marketing (Videos) - Guerrilla Marketing

51. Sales and Marketing (Videos) - Guerrilla Trade Show Selling

52. Sales and Marketing (Videos) - Marketing Your Web Site (Interview)

53. Sales and Marketing (Videos) - New Rules of Online Advertising (Interview)

54. Sales and Marketing (Videos) - Target Your Market (Interview)


  Business Management

Tuition: $250.00
Annual Subscription 
Total Items: 54
Total Time: 59 hour(s)

Enroll in Washington STARS



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