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Successful Solutions Professional Development LLC
Providing training opportunities since 1996.
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Business Education


Business Communication


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Enroll in Washington STARSTuition: $150.00

Annual Subscription 
Total Items: 26
Total Time: 25 hour(s)

This course is not awarded CEU's





Our Business Communication training includes Business Communication, Effective Presentations, and Communication Video series.

Audience: This online training series is for anyone who wants to learn more about ways to use effective business communication.

Business Communication Training Description

26 Items in the Business Communication Training Package:



Module 1: Effective Business Communication

1. Effective Business Communication: The Planning Worksheet

2. Effective Business Communication: Writing Skills

3. Effective Business Communication: Patterns of Development

4. Effective Business Communication: Letters

5. Effective Business Communication: Memos, E-mail and Other Communications

6. Effective Business Communication: Reports

7. Effective Business Communication: Documentation


Module 2: Effective Presentations

8. Effective Presentations: Preparing for a Presentation

9. Effective Presentations: Developing an Effective Message

10. Effective Presentations: Improving Delivery Skills

11. Effective Presentations: Using PowerPoint and Other Visuals


Module 3: Communication (Videos)

12. Communication (Videos): Curing Common Meeting Ailments (Interview)

13. Communication (Videos): Effective Business Writing

14. Communication (Videos): High Performance Communication

15. Communication (Videos): Keeping Meeting Participants Awake (Interview)

16. Communication (Videos): The People Style Model

17. Communication (Videos): People Styles at Work

18. Communication (Videos): Resolving Conflict

19. Communication (Videos): Telephone Etiquette

20. Communication (Videos): The Influence Edge and E-Mail

21. Communication (Videos): Understanding Negotiation

22. Communication (Videos): Working Wounded: Effective Business Presentations

23. Communication (Videos): Working Wounded: Giving an Apology at Work

24. Communication (Videos): Working Wounded: Leading a Successful Meeting

25. Communication (Videos): Working Wounded: Making Group Decisions

26. Communication (Videos): Working Wounded: Working Through Conflict


  Business Communication

Tuition: $150.00

Annual Subscription                                                   
Total Items: 26
Total Time: 25 hour(s)

Enroll in Washington STARS



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