2010 STARS Credit
Did you complete STARS training in 2010?


Here are some important things that you need to know:

We were unable to record completed STARS training in the STARS Registry from April 2010 through January 2011 because of the STARS Registry website being off-line.

Once the STARS Registry (MERIT) went online in January 2011, we went back and recorded all of the trainings that were complete during 2010.

Important Note:  

If you did NOT provide us with a STARS ID number when you did your training in 2010, then even though we recorded the training in MERIT, your STARS profile will not show that you completed STARS training in 2010.

If you complete STARS training with us in 2011, and then provide your STARS ID, we will not automatically go back and record your STARS training for 2010.




What you need to do:

Go to the MERIT website: https://apps.del.wa.gov/merit/

Look up your STARS training records for 2010. If you are missing STARS training from your profile for 2010, contact us ASAP and request that we update your information. You must provide us with your STARS ID number, and the course names that are missing from your profile.